Thursday, 1 February 2018

I Read Tarot

Tarot Rebel Blog Hop time! It's being a while since I participated to this blog hop. It's also being a while since I've blogged on here. But that doesn't mean I've packed away my cards. In fact over the summer my boys and I spent three week in my home town in New Brunswick. I took my cards with me and ended doing dozens of readings. This was the first time my extended family learned that I read tarot cards.

I have read for a lot of people. Most are new acquaintance, and with them it seems easy to be in the role of a tarot reader. When in New Brunswick, with my Catholic family, it was a little more intimidating to say "I am a tarot reader". 

There was an uncle who is very deeply involve in the Catholic religion to whom I kept that fact hidden from him. I know he would not understand or accept. Opening yourself to family, puts you in a more vulnerable position then opening to strangers or acquaintances. Deep down we care more about the acceptance of our family members because they will always be our family members.

When she found out I read tarot card, my grand mother said to me "I have never had my cards read, if you want to can read mine". I started with a general three card spread for her. The first card represents "You Now", 2nd "What to embraces", and last card "What to let go". Her cards in the what to let go position was "Mediumship" card. So I looked at her and said: "Mamie, you are very religious." to which she agreed. "Tarot card reading goes against your core beliefs. The cards are telling you, don't get your cards read. It doesn't feel right to you." My grand mother, how I love her, asked for a reading in order to support me regardless of the fact that in her religious beliefs, tarots are wrong. I love the fact that the cards responded to that.

Tarot is something I will always do. I do not believe it is evil or wrong, but I also choose not to push my choice on others. There are people in my life that I know based on their religious belief would not accept me for reading tarot. To those people I don't tell them I read tarot. I do this in respect for their belief choices.

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